The Global Sustainability Crisis - Cause for Optimism?


Presented by Paul Gilding author of "The Great Disruption"

Start Date

21st Aug 2012 6:00pm

End Date

21st Aug 2012 7:30pm


Lecture Theatre 5, Sir Raymond Ferrall Centre, UTAS, Newnham campus, Launceston

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ENQUIRIES contact David Hamilton on or 0419 354 760.


The Global Sustainability Crisis - Cause for Optimism?

presented by Paul Gilding

author of

The Great Disruption

will share his views on the economic transformation that must occur as a response to the now inevitable 'disruption' to our economic, ecological and social systems.

The Great Disruption has arrived - our economic, ecological and social systems are breaking down. The resulting global crisis will drive an economic transformation that has been described by one of the world's top investors as "perhaps the most important economic event since the Industrial Revolution". In this talk, Paul argues that the global economy is trapped. The growth needed to pay off global financial debt is no longer possible because we've hit the Limits to Growth - with climate change accelerating, food prices rising and conflict now inevitable over resources.

So with the choices on our current path being drowning in debt or facing social and ecological collapse, business as usual is dead. We need a new model of human progress. But is there life after shopping? Despite nearly 40 years working on sustainability, Paul remains an optimist about our future. He sees massive technological transformation and the end of the oil, coal and gas industries but also great shifts in thinking with happiness being defined by more than how much stuff we can acquire. It's a challenging message but as Tom Friedman wrote in the New York Times : "Ignore Gilding at your peril".

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