Exhbition: Wayne Z Hudson - 25 Years of Excellence


An exhibition of works by this Tasmanian and national artist.

Start Date

14th Aug 2012 9:00am

End Date

7th Sep 2012 5:00pm


NEW Gallery, University of Tasmania, Newnham Drive, Newnham

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Wayne Hudson: 25 Years of Excellence is a result of two and half decades of creative research and investigation by this Tasmanian and national artist. Hudson is represented in numerous private, national and international collections, including the Museum of Old and Modern Art (MONA), Hobart. Dr Wayne Z Hudson received a PhD, Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Tasmania in 2001.

The artworks and public commissions created by Dr Wayne Z Hudson encompass the body experience. Hudson's artworks define the inner personal emotional narrative. He manipulates such things as identity by developing an object using hard and soft materials to evoke tensions between masculine and feminine in a way that invites visual ambiguity. Through this interplay Hudson produces an artistic response that evokes a sensorial experience for the viewer. His work concerns the gesture associated with how humans relate to one another in every day situations, for example; self-identity, love, hate and mating games. Hudson's artworks whether sculptural or furniture, make public much of what we all feel and experience; emotional hardship, relationship interplay and desire.

Exhibition opening: 5.30 - 7pm Tuesday 14 August

The NEW Gallery is open Mon - Fri 9 AM to 5 PM, Closed weekends and public holidays. Free admission.


image credit: Dr Wayne Z Hudson, Dancing Tigress, 2005, silicon rubber, leather, rivets, fabric, aluminium, 163 x 90 x 170cm Photography: Peter Whyte

Dancing Tigress (2)