Exhibition: Discovering Design Through Furniture


A showcase of selected work's of the University of Tasmania's furniture design staff and students.

Start Date

4th Jul 2012

End Date

3rd Aug 2012


NEW Gallery, Newnham campus

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Gallery Hours: 9am - 5pm. Open to the public.

Discovering Design through Furniture is an exhibition of selected works specifically chosen to showcase the many personal triumphs, small and large, in the designer’s journey. Ultimately the journey is about the world we live in and how we as designers can make it a better world - it is about people and relationships.

When a student begins their journey in design education there is an abundance of information available to process and digest. Analysis of precedents, dissection of the brief, establishment of design intent, and choices to make regarding proportions, scale, materiality, and environmental, social and economic sustainability are among the topics requiring vigorous discussion. However, to many design novices the language of design may appear to be foreign. Making connections and seeing the relevance of lectures, tutorials and reading material is a daunting and confusing task, particularly for the first year student. 

For those who persist rewards will emerge. Good design rarely comes overnight. It takes experience and maturity. When the complexities of the design brief are consolidated into a design that is ‘right’, and this happen for both young and mature designers, the feelings of accomplishment and exhilaration can be intense.

Exhibition opening: 5.30 - 7pm Wednesday 4 July

Exhibition opening speaker: His Excellency The Honourable Peter Underwood AC, Governor of Tasmania

Exhibition dates: 5 July - 3 August 2012

Exhibition curator: Simon Ancher, Program Director Furniture Design, School of Architecture & Design, University of Tasmania.

Exhibition artists: Simon Ancher, Clifford Anderson, Carmen Bardell, Rhys Cooper, Matthew Pearson, Mathew Prince, Matt Smith, Timothy Smullen, Adon Van Beek