Afghanistan: What has the West Achieved?


A public lecture delivered by Professor Harry G. Gelber

Start Date

13th Jun 2012 6:00pm

End Date

13th Jun 2012 7:30pm


Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre, University Centre, Churchill Avenue, Sandy Bay campus

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E: UTAS.Events@utas.; P: 6226 2521


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Afghanistan: What has the West Achieved?

One of the big questions of world politics is what will happen in Afghanistan. How did we (the West) get involved? What have we achieved? What can we expect to leave behind when we leave?


A public lecture delivered by

Photo of Harry G Gelber

Professor Harry G. Gelber

Honorary Research Associate, University of Tasmania

Harry G. Gelber, born in 1926, read History at Cambridge before going on to do a PhD at Monash University in Australia. He has taught international politics at many universities in Australia and overseas. From 1975 until 1992 he was Professor of Political Science at the University of Tasmania and remains Professor Emeritus there. Most recently he has spent several years as Visiting Professor and Visiting Scholar at Harvard University and Boston University; and Visiting Fellow, Department of International Relations, London School of Economics. His many books include Nations out of Empires (2001), Opium, Soldiers and Evangelicals (2004) and The Dragon and the Foreign Devils (2008). He lives in Tasmania and travels regularly to the USA and Britain.