Sensing Tasmania


Prof. Paulo de Souza talks about SenseT, a partnership of UTAS, Tasmanian Govt, CSIRO, IBM & others

Start Date

21st Jun 2012 12:00pm

End Date

21st Jun 2012 12:45pm


HIT Lab Australia, Vision Space Room, Computing & Information Systems Building, Maritime Way, Newnham Campus, Launceston

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Through its collection and analysis of data over Tasmania, SenseT will help us tackle the complex challenges facing modern society, whether that is improving harvest yields, responding to natural disasters, delivering more effective energy usage, or enabling governments to deliver more effective services.

The program aims to analyse information collected from the real-world, and make that sensor data available in an easy to understand way.

As a partnership of UTAS, the Tasmanian Government, CSIRO, IBM and others, SenseT will deliver a project of unprecedented scale and ambition.

Professor Paulo de Souza is leading the UTAS research agenda on the SenseT program and will share a compelling vision the SenseT program and how this has to potential to transform our society globally.

A light lunch will be provided.

Government, Business and UTAS staff and students are invited to attend.