Exhibition and Public Lecture: Children's Voices in Art


An exhibition of the Northern Children's Network Collection and opening talk by author Susan Wright

Start Date

1st Mar 2012 4:00pm

End Date

5th Apr 2012 5:00pm


NEW Gallery, Faculty of Education Building A, Launceston campus

RSVP / Contact Information

RSVP: Tracy Nish - 03 6341 1555 or; Contact:

The “Children’s Voices in Art” exhibition and public lecture represents one of many collaborative initiatives between the Northern Children’s Network (NCN) and the Faculty of Education, University of Tasmania (UTAS). The exhibition showcases children’s art purchased by NCN for their gallery over the past several years from children exhibiting in NCN’s annual Art Tastic event held in Children’s Week. The Exhibition and Public Forum will feature commentary on children’s learning in and through the arts.

Steve Yates, Chief executive Officer of NCN says of the NCN collection

The NCN collection and gallery was established to showcase children’s creativity and give children a chance to locate their artworks in a space other than their schools, centres and family day care settings, or on their frig at home. The gallery gives credibility to the children’s artworks and honours childhood through the impact children’s work has on those who view it..... I act as a kind of curator of the NCN gallery and in choosing the works for the gallery, look for what children are doing and saying in their work ...their stories.

This is the first time the NCN collection has been shared outside the precincts of the NCN gallery. The collection and commentary have been especially designed using a format aimed to provoke all of us to honour children as competent artists in their own right. “Children’s Voices in Art” will ask adult viewers to see beyond the lines and colours evident in the artworks. The intent will be to guide adults to look for children’s thinking in action, their meaning-making and their stories. It should be noted that while the artworks in the collection have been selected from the bigger NCN Art Tastic exhibitions – all works at the annual Art Tastic events have been recognised through certificates of appreciation and further presentation in calendars for public purchase. We wonder what you can do to honour the young artists in your lives – perhaps start by joining us and learning more about children, meaning-making and the arts.

The exhibition includes selected works of art produced by children across Northern Tasmania over the past 5 years. The exhibition shows how children's voices can be heard through their art work and provides commentary on children's learning and their developing sense of agency through their work.


Exhibition Opening: 1 March 2012, 6pm

Public Lecture: 1 March 2012, 6.30pm

The opening will be followed by a free public talk by Professor Susan Wright, Chair of Arts Education Melbourne University, and author of numerous books about young children's learning through the arts.  Susan’s recent book Children, Meaning-making and the Arts, 2nd edn, is recognised internationally as pivotal to our understanding of the value of art from infancy onwards.


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Presented by the Northern Children's Network and the School of Education, UTAS.