Peak Oil, Local Resilience and Financial Crisis


Public Lecture with Nicole Foss, Co-Editor of The Automatic Earth

Start Date

15th Mar 2012 7:00pm

End Date

15th Mar 2012 8:30pm


Lecture Theatre 9, Faculty of Arts Building, Newnham Drive, Newnham campus

RSVP / Contact Information

RSVP - or phone 6226 2521; Enquiries - Fiona Brodribb -

An impending crisis? Many assure us there is. What are the issues and opportunities for Tasmania?

How can we prepare and respond to ensure we ‘keep the lights on’ both metaphorically and physically?

Come and explore the interrelated issues of finance, energy, resources, environment, psychology, population and real politik that make up our current multi-faceted predicament. An explanation of why we find ourselves in a state of crisis and what we can do about it.

About the speaker

Nicole M. Foss is co-editor of The Automatic Earth (, where she writes under the name Stoneleigh. She and her writing partner have been chronicling and interpreting the on-going credit crunch as the most pressing aspect of our current multi-faceted predicament. The site integrates finance, energy, environment, psychology, population and real politik in order to explain why we find ourselves in a state of crisis and what we can do about it. Prior to the establishment of TAE, Nicole was editor of The Oil Drum Canada, where she wrote on peak oil and finance.

Foss runs the Agri-Energy Producers' Association of Ontario, where she has focused on farm-based biogas projects and grid connections for renewable energy. While living in the UK she was a Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, where she specialised in nuclear safety in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union, and conducted research into electricity policy at the EU level.

Her academic qualifications include a BSc in biology from Carleton University in Canada (where she focused primarily on neuroscience and psychology), a post-graduate diploma in air and water pollution control, an LLM in international law in development from the University of Warwick in the UK. She was granted the University Medal for the top science graduate in 1988 and the law school prize for the top law school graduate in 1997.