School of Philosophy Seminar Series


'Minds-on science': Philosophy and Science Education

Start Date

28th Mar 2012 3:00pm

End Date

28th Mar 2012 5:00pm


Lecture Theatre C1, Room 210, Chemistry Building, Dobson Rd, Sandy Bay campus

RSVP / Contact Information

T: 6226 2255

Dr Tim Sprod

Honorary Associate, School of Philosophy, UTAS

will present

'Minds-on science':

Philosophy and Science Education

'Minds-on' science is the catchphrase in science education these days. When science first became a common school subject in the late 19th century, it was mainly 'ears and eyes-on' lectures and demonstrations. In the middle of last century, 'hands-on' science encouraged student experimentation. Research evidence, however, shows that students commonly complete practical work with little intellectual engagement with the underlying science.

In this seminar, Tim will draw on his recently published Discussions in Science to show how the use of a philosophical community of scientific inquiry can strengthen students' scientific thinking, assist them with the clarification and analysis of scientific concepts, explore the methodologies of science and the interaction of science and ethics, and help them connect their science learning to everyday life.