ArtsForum: Graduate Colloquium


Featuring PhD candidate John Parish and MFA candidate Amelia Rowe

Start Date

17th May 2012 12:30pm

End Date

17th May 2012 1:30pm


Lecture Theatre, 1A181, Academy of Arts, Inveresk campus

RSVP / Contact Information

Contact - Dr Sue Henderson P: 6324 4431 E.

John Parish

PhD candidate

Lost or Gone. Nature's remnants: mysteries and threats of human and native species interactions, past and present.

This project explores, through an art practice, the environmental issues of species decline and loss. It asks the question ‘what can artists do to elevate public awareness of destructive environmental practices that are upsetting the ecological balance?’ The design and construction of movement sensing cameras and the results of using unusual methods of detecting species type and abundance at the study sites at Golden Valley in the Great Western Tiers will be presented in the final exhibition alongside conventional drawings, paintings and sculptures, demonstrating that the potential for works generated directly from the natural environment and its creatures can be a genuine art form.


Amelia Rowe

MFA candidate

Poodle-isation: A personal response to animal modification

Poodle-isation: A personal response to animal modification is a project inspired by personal anecdote: an empathic encounter with a show poodle, a creature with a complex history of having its appearance modified to satisfy humans. Poodle-isation represents my conceptualisation of the experience that I define as ‘the type of care provided to a young girl by a loving mother, resulting in feelings of strong association with a show poodle when the daughter reaches middle age’.