Asian Studies Seminar


Division and Integration of Borneo Borderland by Dr Taufiq Tanasaldy

Start Date

7th May 2012 12:10pm

End Date

7th May 2012 1:30pm


By video: Room 540, Humanities Building, Sandy Bay campus and Room L202, Arts Building, Launceston campus

RSVP / Contact Information

E: T: 6324 3648

Division and Integration of Borneo Borderland

presented by

Dr Taufiq Tanasaldy

School of Asian Languages and Studies

University of Tasmania

Borneo Island at the present time is the divided among Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. Dr Tanasaldy's presentation will first look at the origins of the division. After examining the governance of the island prior to the arrival of European colonisers, he will evaluate the role of the colonisers, particularly those of the British and the Dutch, in drawing more permanent political borders within the island. Next to be discussed are their impacts of the partition after the departure of the colonial powers. The crucial issue of the territorial disputes between Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia will also be examined. Finally, Dr Tanasaldy will look at the increasing cross-border activities and challenges to the political boundaries.


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