Exhibition: Other Matters


Artworks created by UTAS staff in their spare time.

Start Date

25th May 2012

End Date

31st May 2012


NEW Gallery, Building A, Newnham campus

The Other matters exhibition will display the variable of artworks created by UTAS staff after hours, in their spare time and specifically the artwork they produce outside away from the UTAS office!!! The show will include a variable of artworks, paintings, sculpture, photography and hopefully a few surprises for people when they see what there colleagues are producing after office hours...

Exhibition opening: 5 - 6.30pm Thursday 7 June

Exhibition opening speaker: Professor Janelle Allison, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Director of the Institute for Regional Development, University of Tasmania

Exhibition dates: 25 May - 22 June 2012

Exhibition co-ordinator: Cheryl Jones, Counsellor, Student Centre (Support), University of Tasmania

Exhibition artists: Andrew Allan, Bill Baker, Ashley Bird, Robert Boldkald, Malcom Bywaters, Mat Carey, Susannah Coleman-Brown, Bruce Dolbey, Ann Edwards, Sarah-Jane Fox, Darren Grattidge, Lauren Houston, Latha Jeyaraj, Cheryl Jones, Karlin Love, Kirsty Máté, Jeremy Morante, Lesley Osenieks, Tina Pinkard, Heidi Robnik, Allan Salter, Megan Short, David Shorter, Bill Stackhouse, Shane Talbot, Annabel Tyson, Alisa Ward, Jill Wilkinson, Brigitte Wolfe