Richard Selby Smith Oration 2012


Mark Treadwell on "Emergent Schooling for the 21st Century"

Start Date

22nd May 2012 6:00pm

End Date

22nd May 2012 7:30pm


Stanley Burbury Theatre, University Centre, Churchill Avenue, Sandy Bay campus

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Emergent Schooling for the 21st Century

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Photo of Mark Treadwell
Mark Treadwell

"We are entering the most dramatic Paradigm Shift in learning ever" - Mark Treadwell

Historically learning was centred on oral language. The first education paradigm shift saw the printing press transform the oral centric model of learning to a text centric model. Now a second paradigm shift in learning sees the text centric model become an Internet based, multimedia - collaborative centric learning model. 

In the lecture Mark will examine new knowledge about how the brain learns and the implications for how a concept based curriculum and the explicit teaching of key competencies can prepare our learners for the society and world they will actually enter.

Mark is a leading independent education consultant advising both Australian and New Zealand governments.

Mark Treadwell's appearance has been arranged with the help of the Collegiate Institute.


Following the oration a dinner will be held at the University Club - registration and payment for this must be made online at


The Richard Selby Smith Oration 2012 is the sixth annual event to celebrate the life and work in education of Professor Richard Selby Smith.  The Oration is a high profile free public lecture, organised by the Tasmanian Branch of the Australian College of Educators, supported by the Selby Smith Family and the University of Tasmania.

Professor Selby Smith made significant contributions to education nationally and in Tasmania over a long period. He was a foundation member of the Australian College of Educators and an active and long serving member of the Tasmanian Branch. He was a Fellow of the College.


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