City Talks "Design of the Public Waterfront"


The first in a series of talks about the role of landscape architeccture & urban design.

Start Date

9th Nov 2012 11:30am

End Date

9th Nov 2012 1:30pm


Mures Upper Deck, Victoria Dock, Hobart

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City Talks is a series of talks and events about the role of landscape architecture and urban design in urban areas, towns and cities focused around existing state and local government projects in Tasmania. City Talks will run from September 2012 through April 2013 and aim to foster leadership and excellence in urban design and provide an environment for professional debate and networking.


Design of the Public Waterfront: the Great Untapped Potential of Hobart’s Foreshore


Jerry De Gryse, Inspiring Place

Main Speakers

Sacha Coles, ASPECT Studios

Tony McCormick, HASSELL


Sacha discusses how the Sydney harbour landscape has been significantly transformed into a connected, publicly accessible landscape that links significant cultural sites. He will also discuss how strong governance helped to achieve this result. Tony will overview some ingredients for a successful waterfront. He will focus on Darwin’s waterfront, which has been a catalyst for the reinvention of the city.


Sacha will discuss the harbour landscape in Sydney. In the last 10 years, the harbour landscape of Sydney has been significantly transformed. The common goal is for a connected publicly accessible harbour side landscape spanning more than 14 Km and linking some of Sydney’s most significant cultural and post industrial sites.
Through strong governance at all three levels of Government — local, state, and federal, backed by significant funding for the public realm, this suite of new waterfront projects will leave a lasting legacy for Sydney.
This talk will set the context for this transformation and highlight several of ASPECT Studios and other recent waterfront projects.

Tony will overview some of the ingredients for success in the planning and design of waterfront projects and reference these to HASSELL’s recent work that may have relevance to the opportunities presented in Hobart. His talk will primarily focus on the firm’s work on the Darwin Waterfront, which has been a catalyst for the reinvention of the city.

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