Exhibition: I Stand Corrected


This exhibition looks at orthopaedic footwear from beyond a functional perspective.

Start Date

26th Nov 2012 9:00am

End Date

13th Dec 2012 5:00pm


NEW Gallery, UTAS, Newnham Campus, Newnham

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NEW Gallery Special Event

Professor Marie Sierra, Head, School of Visual and Performing Arts; Malcom Bywaters, Gallery Director and the NEW Gallery Advisory Board invite you to attend this exhibition.


Guest opening speakers: David Pearce (OAM) & Barb Olsen (David Helfgott Awakenings Award) with a Symposium on History of Orthopaedic Footwear by John Semmens

Exhibition opening: 5.30 - 7pm Thursday 29 November 2012

Exhibition curator: Dr Jane Deeth

Exhibition dates: 26 November - 13 December 2012

This exhibition looks at orthopaedic footwear from beyond a functional perspective.

At the very heart of the show are the people who wear such footwear - their thoughts, feelings and opinions/footprints.

We all make choices about what we wear based on who we are, what we like, what is fashionable at the moment, what we look good in and what we might be doing - sensible shoes for walking or killer heels to show off on a night out.

Shoemakers, podiatrists and others who work in orthopaedics try to make or fit shoes that help wearers regain or increase their mobility, and make them more comfortable.

In contrast, over recent decades designers and manufacturers have made shoes for able-bodied wearers that create an uncanny orthopaedic 'look'.

Ironically anyone with foot problems could never wear these shoes.

But does having a problem that requires special footwear mean shoes need to be boring?



 image credits: 'Super Elevated Ghillie' shoes designed by Vivienne Westwood (1998), traditional Orthopaedic Shoe andAlice in Wonderland Fantasy Sculpture Shoe designed by James Newton (2011)



Gallery opening hours 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday

Free admission