City Talks "Lost? Why Great Cities Point in the Right Direction"


The second in a series of talks about the role of landscape architeccture & urban design.

Start Date

12th Oct 2012 11:30am

End Date

12th Oct 2012 1:30pm


Menzies Research Institute, Lecture Theatre 105, 17 Liverpool Street, Hobart

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City Talks is a series of talks and events about the role of landscape architecture and urban design in urban areas, towns and cities focused around existing state and local government projects in Tasmania. City Talks will run from September 2012 through April 2013 and aim to foster leadership and excellence in urban design and provide an environment for professional debate and networking.

Lost? Why Great Cities Point People in the Right Direction


Andrew Taylor, Director, Urban Initiatives

Main Speakers

Tony Cox, Clouston Associates

Tim Hart, Urban Initiatives


Tony discusses how wayfinding must be part of the urban infrastructure to allow for walkability, connectivity and sustainable transport to become successful within a city. Tim explores the different ways urban elements and landmarks can help establish a wayfinding system and connectivity without the need for explicit signage.


Nationally and internationally there is an increasing focus on active streets and community health matters within our urban areas. Walkability, connectivity, and by extension wayfinding, is an important aspect of the solution. Often it is the barriers to connectivity that will spoil any wayfinding system. Wayfinding, if it is to be successful, must be simple and logical. Wayfinding must be part of the urban infrastructure and planned in such a way that supports and promotes walking and cycling within our urban areas. It should be a public asset that provides long term benefit to both residents and visitors.

Designers have for many years used signage as the main active wayfinding tool, without recognising the importance or role that other urban elements can play in establishing connections between places or locations. Well designed spaces with logical connections, combined with natural and built landmarks minimise the need for introduced wayfinding systems. The talk will explore the notion of wayfinding and review examples of wayfinding systems and approaches, and will discuss how well conceived wayfinding elements can build on existing cues to positively influence the experience of a place.

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