Susan van der Beek - MFA Examination exhibition


Mirrored Resonance: exploring an aesthetics of engagement

Start Date

28th Apr 2017

End Date

10th May 2017


Plimsoll Gallery, Tasmanian College of the Arts, Hunter Street, Hobart

RSVP / Contact Information

Enquiries: E: or T: 6226 4300


The aim of this project is to explore the appearing of the world; the manner in which the ordinary, everyday world is ‘there’ for a perceiving subject. This philosophical enquiry is undertaken through a phenomenological approach to photographic practice which explores looking as a participatory and embodied form of engagement with the world.

The project takes light as evidence of the appearing world. I work with a precisely organised photographic apparatus to make light, rather than the objects illuminated by light, evident. The apparatus is a glass bowl filled with water, positioned in-relation-to an expansive view. The images are composed so that the reflective surface of water fills the lower third of the frame. This portion of the image is in focus, and the remainder is softly focused. The images do not visually reference the scene in front of the camera as it appears to the naked eye. What the image shows and what I can see through the viewfinder, is a field of light structured by the relations between proximity and distance. These formal parameters both delimit the field of enquiry and align with the pictorial conventions of landscape representation.

As the project progressed, I maintained this reductive approach to composition, working with the landscape convention stripped to bare bones (foreground, background and horizon). I became more and more interested in how spatial qualities are registered somatically at subtle, physical and emotional levels. It is the subtle nuance of these often hidden and unarticulated relations which I am aiming to bring forward in the resulting artworks.

Exhibition opening: Fri 28 April, 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Exhibition dates: Fri 28 April - Wed 10 May
Gallery Hours: Wed - Mon 12pm - 5pm during exhibitions
Closed Tuesdays and Public holidays

Image credit: Susan van der Beek, November 3, 2016, Archival pigment print, 150 x 100 cm

Plimsoll Gallery

Tasmanian College of the Arts
University of Tasmania
Hunter Street HOBART TAS