Tasmania in the Era of the Facebook ‘Patriot’ and Racism


Asia Institute Tasmania Public Lecture

Start Date

5th Apr 2017 5:30pm

End Date

5th Apr 2017 7:00pm


Room 346, School of Humanities, Sandy Bay campus

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Presented by 

Dr Kaz Ross 

Halal certification, new mosques, sharia law, rising housing prices due to foreign investment, iconic  farms being sold off, refugees, the burqa, migration: to the numerous “patriot” Facebook groups with names like “Aussie Infidels”, “Owned and made by Australians for Australians”, “United Patriots Front”  and “Stop Foreign Ownership” these are threats to the Australian way of life.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and a slew of senators such as Corey Bernadi, George Christenson and  Tasmania’s Jacqui Lambie have brought issues of immigration, religion, freedom of speech, as well as  economic and cultural globalisation to the centre of Australia’s national debate.  

What does this mean for Tasmania? Do these debates play out in the same way in Tasmania as in the  rest of the country? This talk will use research into online groups to chart possible issues of discontent  and to offer some suggestions for dealing with the rise of the ‘deplorables’.

Dr Kaz Ross lectures in Asian Studies at the University of Tasmania in the Global Cultures and  Languages program. Her current research “Imagined futures and forgotten pasts: Tasmania’s Asian  connections’ charts the largely unrecognised linkages between colonial Tasmania and Asia, especially China and India.