A Tour of the Universe (and Selected Cosmic Mysteries)


Australian Institute of Physics Women in Physics Lecture

Start Date

8th Aug 2017 8:00pm

End Date

8th Aug 2017 9:00pm


Physics Lecture Theatre 1, Sandy Bay campus

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NO RSVP Required. Enquiries: E.; T. 6226 7588

The 2017 AIP Women in Physics Lecture

A Tour of the Universe (and Selected Cosmic Mysteries)


Presented by Dr Katherine Mack

Everything humanity has ever seen or experienced represents a tiny speck in a vast and mysterious Universe. What else is out there, and how are we figuring it out? What puzzles wait to be solved? Com with your questions about dark matter, dark energy, black holes, or the ultimate fate of the Universe as we delve into some of cosmology’s most fundamental questions. 

Dr Katherine (Katie) Mack is a theoretical astrophysicist. Her work focuses on finding new ways to learn about the early universe and fundamental physics using astronomical observations, probing the building blocks of nature by examining the cosmos on the largest scales. Throughout her career as a researcher at Caltech, Princeton, Cambridge, and now Melbourne University, she has studied dark matter, black holes, cosmic strings, and the formation of the first galaxies in the Universe. Katie is also an active science communicator and is passionate about science outreach. As a science writer, she has been published by Slate, Sky & Telescope,, and other popular publications, and has been a columnist for Cosmos Magazine.

The Australian Institute of Physics International Women in Physics Lecture Series was instituted to celebrate the contribution of women to advances in physics. Under this scheme, a woman who has made a significant contribution in a field of physics will give a series of lectures around Australia, including a Public Lecture arranged by each participating branch of the AIP. The Lecture will be of interest to a non-specialist physics audience and is expected to increase awareness among students and their families of the possibilities offered by continuing to study physics. For more information please contact

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