Bodies on the Brink - Launceston


Mollie Campbell-Smith Forum

Start Date

30th Aug 2017 6:00pm

End Date

30th Aug 2017 7:30pm


Rory Spence-VOS Construction Lecture Theatre, School of Architecture & Design, Inveresk campus

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In a world that asks us to constantly compare, criticise, and change our bodies, how do we encourage children to feel good about themselves?

Everyone has a body. We know that around 50% of children and 70% of adolescents and adults report being unhappy with their body and their appearance. This body dissatisfaction can have a huge impact on the mental and physical health, risk-taking behaviours, and school-engagement of young people. Research on this issue has grown over the past 20 -30 years and we now have a good understanding of the individual, school, and community programs that can enhance body image and wellbeing. This talk will focus on taking action in this area, and encourages participants to consider how we - as parents, professionals, and the community - can disrupt and resist the societal and cultural messages and facilitate positive body image for ourselves and others around us.

imageSpeaker Bio:
Dr Zali Yager is a senior lecturer in health and physical education at Victoria University in Melbourne. Zali has a background in Secondary Health and Physical Education and a PhD in Health Education.  Her main research interest is in how schools and teachers can nurture positive body image and mental and physical wellbeing, including a focus on individual programs, teacher education, and using a whole-school approach. Dr Yager has conducted evaluations of several school based programs that were aimed at primary, secondary school, and university level students, including a specific focus on both co-educational programs, and programs that focus on boys. Zali is passionate about promoting positive body image for all and ensuring that the next generation of young people enjoy positive mental and physical wellbeing.