Where Resilience Ends: Small businesses in the local tourism industry of Yogyakarta a decade after the crisis


Friday Seminar Series

Start Date

4th Aug 2017 1:00pm

End Date

4th Aug 2017 2:00pm


Room 333, Physics Building, Sandy Bay campus

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No RSVP required - Enquiries: or 62261832


Presented by

Professor Heidi Dahles

Griffith University, Brisbane

The small businesses in the local tourism industry of Yogyakarta have shown remarkable resilience during the decade of crisis (1996-2006), which profoundly affected the Indonesian economy. Small businesses that diversified within and across the tourism sector managed to survive crisis after crisis and thrived thereafter.

Businesses that focused on a fast return to normality went bankrupt and, oddly, so did the few businesses that opted for radical change. However, the successful businesses remained dependent on tourism.

Currently, a decade after the crisis, while Yogyakarta is changing into a post-tourism economy, the sustainability of the small tourism business is at stake.

Heidi Dahles is Professor and Head of the Department of International Business & Asian Studies at Griffith Business School, Griffith University, Brisbane and member of the Griffith Institute for Tourism. Her research interest is in the interface of development, business and tourism in Asia. She has been engaged with Asia since the early 1990s as a researcher, teacher, mentor and advisor to governments and institutes of higher education.

This free seminar is presented by the Asia Institute Tasmania, the Institute for the Study of Social Change and the School of Social Sciences.