Climate Change: How bad is it, can we fix it, and what would that cost?


Explore how different choices we make today have the power to drive vastly different versions of the future.

Start Date

21st Feb 2017 6:00pm

End Date

21st Feb 2017 7:30pm


Aurora Lecture Theatre, IMAS Waterfront Building, Castray Esplanade, Hobart

RSVP / Contact Information

Enquiries: Dr John Hunter, +61 427 098 831

presented by

Prof Eelco J. Rohling

Research School of Earth Sciences
Australian National University

Climate change has become core to arguments in politics, industry, agriculture, transport, and daily life. Through it all, many people have come under the impression that the existence of debate means that we do not understand what is happening. But this is a misunderstanding where the big lines are concerned; these are pretty evident. The debate concerns the details. Naturally, the details are important for precise predictions and impact assessments, and thus for policy decisions. But they are not critical for a general understanding of why and how humans may affect climate, what the overall consequences will be, what we can do to minimise impacts, and what the general cost implications will be.

In this talk, Professor Rohling will outline these big lines. He will explain how climate changes, how humans are causing change, and how we know that it is us rather than natural cycles. He will then discuss, in broad brushstrokes, how different choices that we make today have the power to drive vastly different versions of the future, what actions are desirable to keep climate change within “safe" limits, and what the cost implications will be.

Presented in partnership by Climate Tasmania and Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies.