Chinese Art Society Exhibition


Features exquisite paintings and calligraphy by Professor Wong Shiu Hon, from the Chinese Art Society.

Start Date

14th Jun 2017

End Date

16th Jul 2017


Morris Miller Library, Sandy Bay campus

RSVP / Contact Information

Enquiries: Juliet Beale - E.; T. 6226 2395

Photo of painting from Chinese Art Society exhibitionThis exhibition showcases a selection of exquisite water colours and calligraphy works and features some of Professor Wong’s renowned flower-bird paintings. Professor Wong began painting at the age of  nine, and was trained by two famous painters Master Li Feng-gong and Master Liang Bo-yu. Professor Wong’s work is represented in many collections and galleries worldwide. Professor Wong says of his creative journey over the last 60 years that he has “always tried to pursue purity and tranquillity in my internal self and express these feelings through my artworks” and through his paintings hopes to share “calmness and joy”.

As well as an artist, Professor Wong is a highly esteemed Chinese scholar, an expert in ci poetry, Chinese art, traditional drama and Daosim, and has authored over 41 books. Professor Wong fosters appreciation of Chinese culture through the Chinese Art Society