Dark Mofo: On Stealth


Speakers engage with stealth as a practice of life as part of this series during Dark Mofo.

Start Date

9th Jun 2017 1:00pm

End Date

9th Jun 2017 2:00pm


Dechaineux Lecture Theatre, Centre for the Arts, Hunter Street

RSVP / Contact Information

NO RSVP REQUIRED. Enquiries: Rebecca Fitzgibbon +61 408 102 919

Stealth is so often seen through destructive eyes: military technology, drone strikes, surreptitious eavesdropping. Are there other possibilities, however? Can stealth serve as a technology of resistance and preservation rather than destruction and pain? Can ‘living stealthily’ be a way of existing in the world that is respectful of others? In what ways can stealth enrich our lives? Our speakers engage with stealth as a practice of life.


Saul Eslake is a leading figure in the world of economics. As an advisor to the Treasury through to Chief Economist of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Saul has worked across both the public and private sector at the very highest level. A proud Tasmanian, Saul grew up in the North West and completed his education at the University of Tasmania. Saul returned to the Apple Isle in 2014 and remains active as an advocate for change in social housing policy, youth services and counselling, and is a serving Chairman of Ten Days on the Island, the biennale statewide arts festival. Saul Eslake is currently Vice-Chancellor’s fellow at the University of Tasmania.

Dr Alysia Bennett is an architect, designer, urban planner and currently lecturer at Monash School of Architecture. A Tasmanian, Alysia completed her architectural training at the University before completing her PhD at Monash in 2016. As a researcher and consultant across the public and private sector, Alysia’s work has a particular interest in social and sustainable housing futures. In particular, Alysia has worked extensively in the area of ‘stealth’ as a technique for the negotiation of barriers to realising holistically sustainable urban outcomes, specifically medium density housing. She is also a team member on Monash University's current Wellcome Trust research project, Health and economic benefits of water-sensitive revitalisation in informal urban settlements.

The Right Reverend Dr Richard Condie is the current Anglican Bishop of Tasmania. Prior to his most recent appointment, Richard was vicar of St Jude’s Church Carlton and an Archdeacon in the Diocese of Melbourne Archdeacon. He was installed as bishop in March 2016 and is the leader of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans in Australia. Richard has worked as lecturer and researcher with the Queensland Police department and has extensive interests in strengthening ecumenical dialogue.

MC: Ryk Goddard is an actor, presenter, writer and comedian. Since 2011 he’s hosted the breakfast show on 936 ABC Hobart. Before that Ryk worked in theatre and as a writer and producer of several online and radio comedy series including blogdaddy for Radio National and Sneaking off to my Shed for

Between naps, Ryk is now creating TV and Film projects as a writer and actor. Most recently Ryk played the lead in The First Fagin, a critically acclaimed docu-drama feature film about the life of Isaac Solomon which premiered at Melbourne International Film Festival and was released nationally.

Part of On Silence: three conversations

A global economist, an architect, a barrister and political agitator, an astrophysicist, a bishop, an international sound/light artist, a performance artist, a leading policy maker and an internet artist under global indictment: On Silence. A series of free talks on the theme of silence, in politics, science and art, hosted by Ryk Goddard, and presented by the University of Tasmania during Dark Mofo, and streamed live.

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