Imagining food: art, aesthetics and design


Imagining food: art, aesthetics and design is presented as part of the Academy Gallery University Museum of Art and Science “pilot” exhibition program.

Start Date

26th Mar 2017 2:00pm

End Date

26th Mar 2017 3:00pm


Academy Gallery, Inveresk campus


Curators & Artist Talk: 2.00 - 3.00pm Sunday 26 March

Exhibition opening guest speaker: Kim Seagram, Partner/Marketing Manager, Stillwater and Blackcow Restuarants, Launceston
Exhibition curators: Dr Malcom Bywaters, Dr Kim Lehman and Distinguished Professor Jeff Malpas
Exhibition opening: 5.00pm - 6.30pm Thursday 16 March
Exhibition dates: 20 February - 7 April

Artists: Diane Allison, Stuart Auckland, Renee Austin, Margaret Baguley, Ashley Bird, Jack Birrell, Robert Boldkald, Kate Camm, Mat Carey, Anna Carew, Angela Casey, Karina Clarke, Peta Cook, Scott Cunningham, Khalida De Ridder, Sharon Dennis, Jen Dickens, Mae Finlayson, Joanna Gair, Neil Haddon, Karen Hall, David Hamilton, Marian Hosking, Chris Jackson, Samuel Johnstone, Michael Kay, Meg Keating, Katherine Kent, Martin Kerby, Philip Kuruvita, Juneo Lee, Simone Lee, Fiona Lehman, Robert Lewis, Sara Lindsay, Abbey MacDonald, Anne MacDonald, John Mercer, Ben Miller, Anne Morrison, Sandra Murray, Kath Ogden, Christopher Orchard, Jo Pitchford, William Rhodes, Darryl Rogers & Soma Lumia Tech/Art Collection, Georgia Rossetto, Amelia Rowe, Troy Ruffels, Penny Smith, Sonya Stanford, Richard Strong, Patrick Sutczak, Mehrangiz Modarres Tabatabaei, Nathan Taylor, Joanna Vince, Mairi Ward, Yvette Watt, Helene Weeding, Jess Woodroffe
In a physiological sense, food sustains life. For all organisms, humans included, the ‘circle of life’ includes some form of food, and without it, the organism will not survive. However, for humans this basic view of food has long since become an insufficient explanation of all that we now think and feel when we hear the word ‘food’.

Imagining food: art, aesthetics and design investigates universal concerns around the topic of food.  We have taken a deliberately international stance, but placed within a

  • Tasmanian context. Tasmania is, after all, part of the global community. Themes addressed by the exhibition include:
  • Global issues: sustainable use of global resources; famine and hunger in developing nations; biosecurity/food security.
  • Social and health policy: gluten and fructose intolerance; eating disorders; childhood obesity, health education.
  • Economic issues: ownership of the means of production; ownership of the land and the firms that make our food; the role of agriculture in our economy.
  • ‘Modern’ food: organic production; vegetarian ‘options’; farmer’s markets; paddock to plate; paleo diets.
  • Human behaviour: Food as a source of pleasure/hedonism; indigenous food; rituals associated with food; food tourism

Our aim is for Imagining food: art, aesthetics and design to contribute to a greater understanding of the diversity of impacts that food has on human society, and the ramifications of these impacts on our social, economic and natural environments, through creative expression. Tasmanian artists, researchers, educators and students will present works in a variety of forms—including, paintings, sculpture, photography, furniture, craft, installation and mixed media—that will add to the breadth of our knowledge about food, and reinforce to us all that food is much more than simply a means to sustains life.

Presented in partnership with the Ten Days on the Island Festival, the Institute for Regional Development, The Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, The Tasmanian College of the Arts, The School of Social Sciences, the University of Tasmania Collections, Makers Space and Burnie Regional Art Gallery.

*Imagining food: art, aesthetics and design is presented as part of the Academy Gallery University Museum of Art and Science “pilot” exhibition program.