TrumpEnomics: The Economics of a Trump Presidency


The Institute for the Study of Social Change and the Economic Society of Australia - Tas Branch present a special panel event

Start Date

9th Mar 2017 6:00pm

End Date

9th Mar 2017 7:30pm


Centenary Lecture Theatre, Sandy Bay campus

RSVP / Contact Information

E:, T: 62261587

What are the economic origins of the Donald Trump election phenomena and is it part of the wave of voter revolts that include Brexit and the re-emergence of One Nation as a political force in Australia? Is free trade to blame? Or is it wage stagnation and rising inequality? What will a Trump Presidency mean for the world, economically speaking? What will it mean for global trade, for economic growth and for financial markets, for income distribution and for the environment?


  • Professor Mardi Dungey, Tasmanian School of Business & Economics
  • Dr Rana Roy, Consulting Economist, Member of the Economic Society of Australia’s National Economic Panel
  • Dr Alexis Wadsley, Vice-President, Economic Society of Australia (Tas Branch)
  • Preston Tsamassiros, Economics Student, Tasmanian University Business Society (TUBS)
  • Professor Richard Eccleston, Director, Institute for the Study of Social Change (Chair)

Refreshments from 5.30pm.