Basic Income: Panacea or pipe dream?


Anti poverty week event

Start Date

17th Oct 2017 6:00pm

End Date

17th Oct 2017 7:30pm


Centenary Lecture Theatre, Grosvenor Crescent, Sandy Bay campus

RSVP / Contact Information

Enquiries: or 6226 1832


Money for nothing! Is that the answer to poverty and other social challenges we face? Join us in this event as we interrogate the merits of a Basic Income. How does it work in practice? Does it have unintended consequences? How on earth would we pay for it? And if a Basic Income is the answer, what really is the question?

  • Professor Shelley Mallett, General Manger Research and Policy Centre, Brotherhood of St Laurence
  • Dr Paul Blacklow, Tasmanian School of Business & Economics, University of Tasmania
  • Dr Alexis Wadsley, Tasmanian Branch of the Economic Society of Australia

Moderated by Meg Webb, Manager Social Action and Research Centre, Anglicare Tasmania