#Hello My Name Is


A global campaign highlighting introductions for person-centred care.

Start Date

4th Oct 2017 5:30pm

End Date

4th Oct 2017 7:15pm


Medical Science Precinct, Corner of Liverpool and Campbell Streets, Hobart

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E:; T: 6324 3317

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Chris Pointon

Co-founder, #Hello My Name Is
Chris Pointon
A global campaign highlighting introductions for person-centred care.

Imagine that moment when you are at your most vulnerable. Things are taking place outside of your control.
People are buzzing around you. Words are being spoken as though they’re in another language. Your heart
is beating fast, you’re trying to remain calm, trying not to crack. Then a stranger enters your vision, greets you
with a warm smile and says “Hello, my name is…”

This scenario is now the basis of a global campaign by Chris Pointon, Co-Founder of #Hello, My Name Is...

When Chris’s wife Kate Granger entered the health system in the UK as a patient in 2013, both she and Chris
made the stark observation that many staff looking after her didn’t introduce themselves before delivering her
care. It was after these events that Kate made it her mission to change this situation, encouraging healthcare
professionals locally, nationally and now globally to remember the importance of introductions in healthcare.

Chris shares his story as a husband of a terminally ill wife in the UK health system. He explains how the simple act
of an introduction can be instrumental in creating human connections and providing truly person-centred care.

About Chris Pointon

Chris Pointon is a healthcare campaigner and husband of Kate Granger, the geriatrician, author and NHS (UK) patient who sadly passed away in July 2016 from a rare incurable cancer. Chris is on tour in Australia and New Zealand sharing his story and highlighting the importance of person-centred care through the simple message that is encapsulated in #Hello My Name Is…