Inveresk Design Forum | Andrew Maynard


Austin Maynard Architects explore architecture of enthusiasm.

Start Date

1st Sep 2017 5:00pm

End Date

1st Sep 2017 6:00pm


School of Architecture & Design, Inveresk

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NO RSVP REQUIRED. E.; T. 6324 4477


Austin Maynard architects was established to strike a balance between built projects and bold, polemical design studies. The resulting highly crafted built work and socio-political concepts have garnered global recognition. Austin Maynard Architects explore architecture of enthusiasm. Treating each project as a unique challenge, and working directly with clients and occupants, our team offer individual possibilities and thoughtful responses to people, brief and place. We embrace deliberative design and look to issues of liveability, culture, heritage, community connection, mental health and cures to modern isolation. We pride ourselves in sustainable design and experimentation. Ideas are concept rich, left of centre, playful and environmentally conscious; styles and singular themes are avoided. At Austin Maynard we specialise in ideas rather than building type, whether the project is a house in Fitzroy, a library in Japan, a protest shelter in Tasmania or a plywood bicycle.

Andrew Maynard gained global notoriety for his polemic work (Styx Valley, CV08 robot) years before achieving international acclaim for residential projects Tower House and Mills, The Toy Management House. “Polemic is an attack on something, hopefully a critical one,” he says. “But it’s the idea of constantly agitating that safe space, keeping oneself honest by causing trouble and being playful.” Andrew is a founding board member of Nightingale Housing, a not-for-profit social enterprise that exists to support, promote and advocate for high-quality housing that is ecologically, socially, financially sustainable. Together with co-director Mark Austin and the team, AMA continue to look beyond the brief and address the bigger picture.