Food transitions & sustainability: Green tech, Social Movements and Public Policy


A seminar by visiting scholar Dr Colin Sage on Food Transitions and Sustainability: Green Tech, Social Movements and Public Policy

Start Date

12th Apr 2018 1:00pm

End Date

12th Apr 2018 1:50pm


Faculty of Arts Building, Newnham Campus, Room L134

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Colin SagePresented by

Dr Colin Sage

University College Cork, Republic of Ireland

The food system is always in transition, but recent decades have witnessed a process of corporate consolidation and worldwide transformation of dietary practices featuring a greater composition of ultra-processed and livestock-derived products.

The gradual emergence of food social movements, though highly heterogeneous, represents something of an ‘alternative’ vision for food and has, at the very least, secured a place for key terms such as ‘local’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘healthy’.

The challenge, however, is to find a politics of action that can lead to structural change in the food system, a task not made easier by ‘green tech’ entrepreneurs eager to hijack and subvert sustainability in pursuit of a corporate agenda.

This seminar will explore some of these issues as we imagine alternative transition trajectories.

Colin Sage (PhD 1990 Durham) is Senior Lecturer in Geography at University College Cork, Republic of Ireland and currently Visiting Scholar in the School of Social Sciences at Sandy Bay. His research interests centre upon food systems and their interconnections with environment and human health; and the role of civic initiatives in policy advocacy for social change. He is the author of Environment and Food (Routledge, 2012) and co-editor of three books including Food Transgressions: Making sense of contemporary food politics (Routledge 2014). He is Visiting Professor at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, Turin, and at the American University of Rome; and is Chair of the Cork Food Policy Council which he helped create in 2013.