mapali local international: Aboriginal & Muslim Contemporaneity


Discussing art inspired by engagement since the 1500s between Makassan Muslim people from Indonesia and Yolgnu people in North East Arnhem Land.

Start Date

18th Apr 2018 5:30pm

End Date

18th Apr 2018 7:00pm


Harvard Lecture Theatre 1, Centenary Building, Sandy Bay campus

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Celebrating 500 years of creative engagement between Aboriginal and Muslim people in Australia.

We invite you to join us for a discussion forum and to celebrate the launch of the project.

This project is inspired by the story of international engagement since the 1500’s between Makassan Muslim people from Indonesia and Yolgnu people in North East Arnhem Land, Australia. We’re bringing the spirit of this special intercultural relationship to Tasmania.

This story of contact between Macassan and Yolngu people signifies Australia's earliest known international relationship. It also represents ongoing contact and relationships between Muslim and Aboriginal people and is representative of the potential for strong intercultural engagement and shared learning inspired by those who established dynamic trade and cultural exchange more than 300 years prior to the European colonisation of Australia.

As such mapali local international is reinterpreting an important part of our nation’s history in contemporary time – embracing our local - international identity from Arnhem Land to Tasmania.

The project will result in significant permanent and temporary public art installations at GASP (Glenorchy Art & Sculpture Park), a dynamic new art park in Glenorchy, Hobart, Tasmania.

Join lead artists

  • puralia meenamatta (Jim Everett) (TAS)
  • Wukun Wanambi (NT)
  • Abdul Abdullah (NSW)
  • Julie Gough (TAS)
  • Abdul-Rahman Abdullah (WA)
  • Sinsa Mansell (TAS)
  • Ishmael Marika (NT)

and co-curators

  • Kade McDonald (VIC/NT)
  • Jonathan Kimberley (GASP director TAS)

Presented in partnership