Inveresk Design Forum | Dr Toby Gifford


Some interesting design research that engages with the non-visual aspects of environments

Start Date

10th Aug 2018 6:00pm

End Date

10th Aug 2018 7:00pm


Rory Spence-VOS Construction Lecture Theatre, Inveresk campus

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No RSVP required. Enquiries: or 6324 4488

Sonic Environments + Soundscapes

Dr Toby Gifford is a sound technologist, with a diverse array of research interests under the banner of ‘Sonic Environments’. As a sound-artist and musician he works with multichannel, binaural and ambisonic sound for virtual & augmented reality, immersive installation, and live performance. His practice utilises generative algorithms alongside field recording, with application in bioacoustics, aural architecture and computational creativity.

Sonic environments in which we live strongly influence our health, wellbeing and productivity. Yet environmental sound design is often given short shrift compared with other sensual modalities. This talk gives a brief overview of some of my various research projects in this area. These include ecological monitoring through sound recording, generative soundscapes for interior sound design, and music-as-interface for computational creativity.

Architecture & Design
8 Invermay Road, Inveresk Campus
Rory Spence, VOS construction lecture theatre