Philosophy Cafe: Free Will and Moral Responsibility


Exploring determinism, indeterminism, compatibilism and libertarianism approaches to free will and moral responsibility

Start Date

3rd Jul 2018 6:00pm

End Date

3rd Jul 2018 7:30pm


Royal Oak Hotel, Launceston

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Enquiries: Graham Wood, 6324 3920 or

Free Will and Moral Responsibility: 
In what morally interesting sense (if any) do we have free will? 

Let’s think about the question first…

It is not just any sense of free will we are interested in, but a morally interesting sense. 

We can start by considering different senses of free will (that we may or may not have) …
… then we can consider whether these different senses are morally interesting…
… then we can ask do we (or do we not) have free will in a morally interesting sense?

Join us as we explore the arguments in regard to free will and moral responsibility!

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