Cancer: A disease of our genes - Burnie


Menzies Public Talks

Start Date

5th Jun 2018 6:00pm

End Date

5th Jun 2018 7:15pm


Burnie Arts and Function Centre, 77/79 Wilmot St

RSVP / Contact Information

Enquiries 6226 7700


Our genes determine how our body looks, how it works, how we respond to our environment, what diseases we are likely to get and how well we respond to treatments. This talk will explain the role of genes in cancer, how genetic research is being translated to better treatments, while also explaining some of the familial cancer research taking place at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research. We will set aside time for audience questions.


Associate Professor Jo Dickinson
Menzies Institute for Medical Research

Professor Jo Dickinson is a Principal Research Fellow in cancer genetics at Menzies. Her research interests are in understanding how inherited differences in genes contribute to the development of different types of cancers, including blood and prostate cancer, and how genes influence disease progression.  

Dr Liesel FitzGerald
Menzies Institute for Medical Research

Dr Liesel FitzGerald is a Research Fellow in prostate cancer genetics at Menzies. Her research focuses on identifying genetic changes that cause aggressive prostate cancer, that influence the way a man responds to treatment, and that cause some men to have worse treatment side-effects than others.

Ms Raylene Cox
Cancer Council Tasmania

Ms Raylene Cox is the Director of Cancer Prevention and Support Services at the Cancer Council Tasmania (CCT). She manages CCT’s cancer support services across the State that are available to assist anyone impacted by cancer.