Chinese Tourism in Tasmania


Explore the preferences, highlights, and obstacles of Chinese tourists revealed by a survey of Chinese University of Tasmania students and visiting scholars.

Start Date

15th May 2018 5:30pm

End Date

15th May 2018 6:30pm


Room 346, Humanities Building, Sandy Bay campus

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A survey of 227 Chinese University of Tasmania students and visiting scholars produced findings related to visitor’s preferences, highlights, and obstacles.

Results show that Chinese are interested in increased travel to Tasmania, but expectations and preferences do not always match well with the current Tasmanian tourist landscape.

Also of interest, the hosts of visiting friends and relatives from China found their experiences enjoyable, and were more likely to travel Tasmania further themselves. Implications for improving the experiences of visitors and hosts, and expanding local tourism, will be open for discussion.

About Keith Harris

Dr Keith Harris is an Adjunct Researcher in the Asia Institute Tasmania at UTAS. He also works with the School of Psychology, University of Queensland and other national and international organisations. Dr Harris is a dedicated researcher who enjoys answering contemporary social questions through state-of-the art research methods and analyses. He regularly contributes to leading scientific journals, forums, and social media. His areas of interest include e-health, psychiatric assessment, online relationships, and tourism.