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Future Energy in Tasmania

Join a panel of experts who will discuss and explore future energy pathways and possibilities for Tasmania.


  • Tony Wood, Energy Program Director, The Grattan Institute
  • Mardi Dungey, Professor of Economics and Finance, TSBE, University of Tasmania
  • Lance Balcombe, Chief Executive Officer, TasNetworks
  • Philip Harrington, Energy Consultant, Director, Strategy. Policy. Research

Public Forum  Hobart  Aurora Theatre, IMAS Waterfront Building, Castray Esplanade, Hobart


Global Climate Governance between Hard and Soft Law: Will the Paris Agreement's 'Creme Brulee' approach enhance ecosystemic reflexifity?

This seminar explores recent developments in global climate governance and their capacity to enhance "ecosystemic reflexivity" so that social and ecological systems might better respond to increasingly rapid change in the Anthropocene.


  • Dr Jeffrey McGee, University of Tasmania

Seminar  Hobart  Boardroom, IMAS Waterfront Building (Level 2), Hobart

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