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Big Changes in Big Places: Oceans and ice - Launceston

Three experts, with a knack for speaking plain English, will present short talks on large-scale changes in Earth's ice sheets and oceans, and the relevance of these changes to Australia.


  • Dr Stephanie Downes, Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC
  • Dr Mathieu Mongin, CSIRO
  • Dr Felicity Graham, University of Tasmania
  • Dr Tas van Ommen, Australian Antarctic Division

Public Forum  Launceston  Sir Raymond Ferrall Centre, Newnham campus

Space, Practice, Mobility: On social inequality and educational politics

This symposium will offer perspectives on both the educational effects of the current political climate and the ways in which education and rurality are positioned.


  • Emeritus Professor Bill Green, Charles Sturt University
  • Professor Kim Donehower, University of North Dakota
  • Professor Michael Corbett, University of Tasmania
  • Dr Phillip Roberts, University of Canberra
  • Professor Unn-Doris Baeck, The Arctic University of Trømso
  • Professor Elaine Stratford, University of Tasmania
  • Professor Sue Kilpatrick, University of Tasmania

Public Forum  Launceston  Sir Raymond Ferrall Centre, Lecture Theatre 5, Newnham campus


The Power of Parks - Launceston

Celebrating the Centenary of Tasmanian Parks, ​join us for a look at the benefits of national parks to conservation, the economy, community health and the Tasmanian identity.


  • Distinguished Professor Jamie Kirkpatrick, Head of Discipline for Geography and Spatial Sciences, University of Tasmania
  • Saul Eslake, internationally acclaimed economist and social commentator

Public Forum  Launceston  Lecture Theatre 5, Sir Raymond Ferrall Centre, Newnham Campus

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