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Submitting your event details

On-line Application Event Resources

Your event listing will comprise of two parts:

  • A summary of the event which is included in the Calendar of Events
  • A more detailed discription about the event which is displayed when your event is selected from the Calendar of Events

The summary of the event includes the event name, short description of the event, type of event, date and time, and venue.

The detailed description of your event contains the summary of the event and further information about the event.

Information to include in your event listing

Event Summary

Name of Event The title of the event, performance, conference, seminar series, etc.
Short Description A short description (maximum of 100 characters) summarising or promoting your event, i.e. presenters name, topic, artists names.
Event Start Date & Time The start date and start time for the event.
Event end Date & Time The end date and end time for the event.
Venue Location where the event is to be held.
Event Type

Select an event type from the list. Event types include:







Public Forum

Public Lecture




RSVP / Contact Information The name of the person and their contact details for enquiries or RSVPs

Description of Event

The description of the event is a free text box that can include further information about the event, such as:

  • the focus of the event
  • an explanationof the topic/s that will be addressed at the event
  • biographical information
  • a program for the event
  • a URL directing to more information about the event on another website
  • images related to the event
  • a PDF or WORD document related to the event
  • a PDF invitation
  • indication as to whether this is a public event or invitation only event